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Why Is Education Important? A Q&A with Dr. Paul LeBlanc

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Also, families who enjoy group activities will develop strong relationships and handle stressful situations with ease. In this busy day and age, it is a luxury for parents to spend time with their children.

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What is less clear to me, and to so many of my peers, is whether we should do so much of it. One of the facts of modern life is that a relatively small class of people works very long hours and earns good money for its efforts.

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For many Americans, studying the history of one's own family is the most obvious use of history, for it provides facts about genealogy and (at a slightly more complex level) a basis for understanding how the family has interacted with larger historical change.

More important, studying history encourages habits of mind that are vital for. Transcript of Why My Dog is Important to Me and my family. When he was born He was Born on October 1st, Why My Dog is Important to Me and my family From a puppy to a grown up dog i have been there to watch him grow up When i'm upset he makes me smile He has trouble.

Why my family is important essay
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