How you see your self

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How Do You See Yourself?

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See Yourself Quotes

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Completed 0 of 9 hours. According to, seeing yourself is part of the process of self-compassion whereby you view yourself as an imperfect person who has many personal failings, but you do not judge yourself harshly when your personal failings are exposed.

Seeing yourself in a self-compassionate way also. To be honest, after 5 years I would like to see my self in a better/ good position than I am now and being a self-reliant person that's my first and foremost goal so that I could help others who are in need because I believe you can't lift up others if your not above them.

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weddings. Take note, Dr. Dodi Berkowitz! When you look in the mirror, do you smile at your own amazing reflection, or do you cringe at your minor "imperfections" and turn away?

Expenses if you're self-employed

$1Answer the questions as honestly as possible and see how your self-worth measures up. "WE" does not assume any responsibility if you choose to use any of the following information on yourself. You have that constitutional right.

Where do you see yourself in five years? Avoiding interview cliches

"WE" does suggest, however, if you are under a doctor's care, that you check first with your medical doctor or therapist before replacing the suggestions of your physician with any or all of the following.

How you see your self
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