How fast is your reaction

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How Fast Is Your Reaction Time? *

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Speedy Science: How Fast Can You React?

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Get a slow score and the game will ask you to enjoy a cup of coffee and try again. Fast reaction times can produce big rewards, for example, like saving a blistering soccer ball from entering the goal. Slow reaction times may come with consequences.

Reaction time is a measure of the quickness an organism responds to some sort of stimulus. In sports, reaction time is an ability often overlooked. It simply means how fast an athlete is able to respond to a stimulus.

For example in running: a sprint start, in tennis: returning a serve or in boxing: dodging a punch. In addition to reaction time, it takes between milliseconds from initiating the swing to making contact with the ball.

You'll also need to know the distance from the pitcher to home plate, and the speed of a pitched ball. (Wiese,pp. ; Adair,Chapter 3; Brody,pp. ) See the Science Buddies project Think Fast!

for a step. It is crucial to optimize the rate of reaction to obtain the best performance of the reaction. As given in the answer by Michael, our body system consists lots of biological reactions.

How Fast Is Your Reaction Time? *

If a biochemical reaction in our body is too fast or too slow, it can endanger our life. How Fast can Your Body React? How fast do you think you are? Do you know what a reflex and a reaction are? This lesson plan tells all about the quickness of your nervous system and the muscular system, which the nervous system innervates, and uses the Reaction Timer and EMG devices to help you calculate your own reaction speeds!

How fast is your reaction
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Experiment: How Fast Your Brain Reacts To Stimuli