Hooking up your xbox 360 to your xbox one

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How to Hook Up Your XBox Controller to Your Computer

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How to use your Xbox or PlayStation controller on your PC

Connect the component cable to your Xbox system. There will be a specific port for this on the back of the console, and that will be the only place where the cable connector will fit. On the cable itself, you are connecting the end with the single connector.

Sep 10,  · If you leave your XBox on, then you can snap back and forth between the and Xbox phisigmasigmafiu.coming System: XONE. If your Xbox console is connected to a high-speed Internet service, you can create a profile that uses Xbox Live. Before you connect to Xbox Live, make sure that your Xbox console is connected to your home network or high-speed Internet modem to ensure a smooth connection.

This is what you get when you hook up a Wii U to an Xbox One. You can play one through the other! Now, you wouldn't want to play Saint's Row IV through three consoles. This solution will help you get your system set up and sign in to Xbox Live for the first time.

Get help setting up your new Xbox One system, including setting up the console, configuring your system settings, connecting to the internet, and signing in to Xbox Live. See, the next Xbox has an HDMI-in port, so you can plug in an HDMI cord and output video from another device, like your TV cable box, and run it through the Xbox One.

Hooking up your xbox 360 to your xbox one
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