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Open File describes the geology and structure of the Kobau Group between Oliver and Cawston (82E/4E). The geology map is at approximately scale and contains a legend, cross sections and descriptive notes. The Open File is a contribution to the Canada/British Columbia Mineral Development Agreement The benefits of geology include how to protect our environment and supplies us with natural resources.

Geology helps assist us in avoiding geologic hazards and is based on the scientific method.

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One of the great contributions to human understanding made by geology is. Technical Report on the Fairview Gold Property, British Columbia, Canada June 21, 3 Tupper () noted that gold occurs occasionally within wall rock adjacent to veins.

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Thus, geology is the scientific study of the earth. The study of geology mainly concerns itself with the study of the earth's constitution, structure and history of development as well as the outer solid shell of the earth composed of rocks, which is known as lithosphere.

Geology is a science of many facets and includes the study of: 1.

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