Changing your major

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Changing your major

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Changing Majors

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Changing your major is a multi-step process and specialized to each major. This website is to be used as a guideline. Students must have conversations with appropriate offices and departments to see if changing their major is possible. Changing your major could affect your eligibility for your residential college, major-specific scholarships, or Academic Common Market.

Changing your major later in your college career may affect the length of time it will take you to complete your degree. Take 5 Steps Before Changing Your Major Changing your major might mean spending more money on school, but may benefit your future career.

For Students Changing Majors and Considering College Transfer. Choosing and Declaring My Major Thus, If you think you will be changing your major in the near future, research the implications at your college, community college or university before you get too far in your coursework.

How to Change Your College Major

In other words, plan you transfer proactively. Declare or change your major´╗┐ First, select your major. Read major descriptions in the General Catalog.

Talk with your college advisor. Explore majors by speaking with department advisors.

For Students Changing Majors and

Discuss career options with a Career Services counselor. Read the Academic Senate policy on Majors (section A). If you're an undergraduate and you want to declare or change your major, follow the steps below. About undergraduate majors Major requirements include both lower-division and upper-division courses.

Changing your major
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